Rirratjingu Mining

Rirratjingu Mining was established to increase Indigenous employment in the area. Rirratjingu Mining runs the RAC’s Gove Blue Metal Quarry, which sold 60,000 tonnes to Rio Tinto for rehabilitation projects last financial year.

Rirratjingu Mining’s Pond 4 Capping Project, part of the Gove quarry operation, and the Indigenous heavy machinery specialists YBE have created profits enabling the RAC to provide further job opportunities for the Yolngu people and pursue other social and commercial projects in the upcoming year. 

Rirratjingu Mining is also expanding contracts that increase Indigenous employment. This includes the continuation of the Rirratjingu Indigenous Works Crew that provides garden maintenance and associated services to over 100 Rio Tinto properties, whilst continuing to maintain and service the Rirratjingu’s 26 high quality Malpi Village property assets.