Culture & Community

The Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation is committed to achieving positive social change by addressing relieving the poverty, destitution, misfortune, disadvantage, distress, dispossession and suffering and to promote the health, education, housing, employment and welfare of the members of the Aboriginal Community.

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investing in our people

The Culture & Community division are committed to providing professional and world class activities that promote positive social outcomes. These include the Rirratjingu Ceremonial Program, the Rirratjingu Football Program, the Rirratjingu Music Program, Education for the Future, Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies, Community Safety for All and the Rirratjingu Leaders Program.



Rirratjingu Culture underpins the Culture & Community area approach. Care has been taken to ensure culturally appropriate education is the standard bearer for all focus areas.


Social Responsibility

The Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation is proud to deliver programs for Yolngu of any clan affiliation.