Rirratjingu’s Anti-Family Violence Partnership Acknowledged in Closing The Gap Report

The Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation (RAC) has welcomed the release of the ninth Closing the Gap report and renewed its call for more action on reducing the horrific rates of family violence.

The report acknowledges Charlie King’s anti-family violence initiative, the NO MORE Campaign, and the recent visit to Parliament House by Rirratjingu elders in support of the campaign. 

As the largest non-government financial supporter of the NO MORE Campaign, the Rirratjingu are working to stop the scourge of family violence in the community.

“Family violence tears communities apart and we must be doing all we can to eradicate it,” said RAC Chairman, Bakamumu Marika.

“The latest Closing the Gap report is the next reminder in a long list that more must be done to address the disgusting rates of family violence in the community.”

According to the report, in 2014-15, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women were 32 times more likely to be hospitalised due to family violence related assaults than other women.

“While symbolism is important, and reports are important, what we need now is action to drive down these shocking rates. That’s the most important thing,” said Bakamumu.

“We now urge real action, like what we have seen locally, to address the horrifying reality facing too many families right throughout Australia.”

After initiatives were put in place by the local community and Northern Territory Police Commissioner, Reece Kershaw the incidences of family violence in Yirrkala dropped by 27 per cent.

“We would also like to see a requirement for domestic violence action plans in government tender documents – if you don’t have a good plan, you don’t get a government contract,” said Bakamumu.

“Actions like this have the potential to drive the necessary change and ensure we stand up and put a stop to family violence.”

RAC Vice-Chair, Wanyubi Marika also said that respect and power were major factors that need to be at the heart of all responses to family violence.

“Family violence is fundamentally about disrespect. Addressing family violence is about addressing the abuse of power within a relationship,” said Wanyubi.

“It’s also overwhelmingly a men’s issue, and we all have a responsibility to stop family violence in our community by setting the right examples for young men and calling other men out if they disrespect women.”

To find out more about the NO MORE campaign visit: http://www.nomore.org.au/